Friday, 19 June 2009



I have completely binged since lunch to celebrate - a 1/2 day of the "old" me! Manged to drink 1/4 of a large bottle of vodka and feeling great!

2 St 'til I get to goal, but perhaps a bit more, who knows!

My next target is to get into the 10s before my bro's wedding on 29th and my birthday on 30th August - only 5.5lb to go, so should be able to do it (realisticallt, would like to lose 1st bt then, well it is 10 weeks)

Have a good weekend, i'm shopping tomorrow in london for a dress for my mum to wear to the wedding, i'm waiting until the last minute ...

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Well, although I did not count my points on Friday, I know that I must have gone over my around 20 points! But I did have a great time - only lost £32! I gave up on the Wendie Plan and decided to go for total damage limitation and since then I have been eating 16 points per day, of which, tomorrow will be my last. There's a picture of me before the races!
On Thursday, I am going to a breakfast at Butcher's Hall for the Lord Mayor of the City of London - I know that it will be a typical "English Breakfast", but that it is silver service, so I can easily control what I eat. I planned to have 9.5 points - a massive breakfast!

Come Friday, I will be starting a-fresh with the renewed vigour on the Wendie Plan - I will not go over my points whatsoever either!

I wonder how WI goes - quite ominous to hope for a loss, me thinks!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bad Day

I decided to repoint everything I had during my binge on Saturday, it turned out I had, in fact, gone 14.5 points over! That was the first bad thing. I realised that I could only made up 10 of those points before the end of the week, so I decided that I would use 4.5 of my bonus points - I try to use my bonus points from exercise, but I this time I had to!

Second bad thing - I had a "fat" day today - which just makes me want to eat more. I had consumed 12.5 points after I had eaten my lunch!

Third bad thing - stressing out about not being able to weigh-in this week!

Fourth bad thing - I have a lot of pressure at work and when I stress, I just want to eat chocolate. I made it until 3:45, but then I reached for the chocolate - all 5 points of it, in my mouth and eaten within 60 seconds. OINK OINK OINK - that left me with 1.5 points for my dinner (I had planned to have a dinner worth 8 points!), so when I got in this evening from my PT session, it was a WW tomato soup with a piece of WW bread for 1.5 points, I also 2 strawberries and 5 raspberries (0 points).

I am now firmly drawing a line - I have decided to go to Boots at lunch time and use their weighing machine tomorrow to weigh in. I am also going to point what I eat and drink on Friday and I will not go over my points, even if that means only having two glasses of champagne! I WILL NOT EAT ANY NIBBLES AT THE RECEPTION! I am not going to ruin 50 weeks of hard works and I WILL MAKE MY 5 STONE TARGET WEIGHT LOSS BY WEEK 52!

This will be my mantra for the next few days ... it will get me through!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Busy times ...

I have been extremely busy over the past week, which is good - stops me thinking about food. I had one major catastrophe - Saturday night: 10 points over. I have one more day (tomorrow) of eating two points less and then I have made it up, so fingers crossed!

I am also missing my WI this week as I am going to the Ladies' Day at Epsom. I have decided to go off plan for this day, as I can't really plan what I will be eating or drinking, but I will definitely make sensible choices - hopefully it will be a good day. I have a lovely (size 14 OMG) dress and have had a matching fascinator made - who knows? I could win the Jeep (but doubt it very much!

Have a good one ... I will keep you all posted about how Friday goes (WW wise and generally)!