Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Well, although I did not count my points on Friday, I know that I must have gone over my around 20 points! But I did have a great time - only lost £32! I gave up on the Wendie Plan and decided to go for total damage limitation and since then I have been eating 16 points per day, of which, tomorrow will be my last. There's a picture of me before the races!
On Thursday, I am going to a breakfast at Butcher's Hall for the Lord Mayor of the City of London - I know that it will be a typical "English Breakfast", but that it is silver service, so I can easily control what I eat. I planned to have 9.5 points - a massive breakfast!

Come Friday, I will be starting a-fresh with the renewed vigour on the Wendie Plan - I will not go over my points whatsoever either!

I wonder how WI goes - quite ominous to hope for a loss, me thinks!

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  1. You look fab, sounds like you had a great time! I am sure your damage limitation will work for the weigh in, good luck! x