Friday, 29 May 2009


(1) I lost 1 lb at weigh in

(2) Booked by holiday up

(3) I've got three more weeks until I've been doing WW for a year and I think I can make my 5st mini-target by then - what a nice way to round an excellent year off!

(4) Nice weather for the weekend

On Wednesday, I managed to get into a spin class at the gym. It was the first time I had done it in a year and I was very nervous before, but I loved it! Will definitely be going again.

Thursday was just another day, nothing out of the ordinary.

Today, following my weigh in, I have been feeling so positive. I even treated myself to some chocolate (but within my daily points allowance). My first holiday for the year is booked. It's a fitness holiday in the Austrian Alps - I am so looking forward to it, roll on July. All meals are provided at the Hotel and they even cater to people doing weight watchers, giving you the points values for your food. Not much of a holiday, you may think, but I am just so focused and I don't want to ruin all my hard work before my brother's wedding, so I thought this would be a happy medium - a week off work, abroad, nice weather (I hope), nice scenery, but I can still focus! BUT do not worry, I will be off to Morocco in September for a "relaxing" holiday.

I'm off to two BBQs this weekend - I'll report on the outcome on Monday.

Hope you guys have a nice relaxing weekend - chill!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Boredom Eater

Well today was slow at work and I just felt the continual urge to snack. I had anticipated this and decided to build in lots of low point snacks into my plan (an apple, a nectarine, pack of fruities and a fruit bar) - so I did manage to stick to my 18 point plan.

Just got back from Body Combat and burnt 495 calories.

I am just so worried about weigh in this week - I hope all goes well, but after my binge-fest I think I deserve to put weight on :(

Monday, 25 May 2009

Lovely Weekend BUT ...

I have had a really nice weekend - what was meant to be relaxing, turned into me not having a moment to stop.

The bad thing was, I went 8 points over yesterday - but a girls gotta have fun, right? I drunk too much vodka and when that happens, I stop caring. BUT I got up this morning and pointed EVERYTHING. I have decided to claw back 6 points today by eating 14 points and then the other 2 tomorrow by eating 18 points. I know that I have accumulated enough bonus points to cover this, but I try not to eat them, I would rather eat slightly less for a few days to make up.

Back to work tomorrow :( I've got some Hungarian Goulash Soup cooking at the moment for my lunch tomorrow - the recipe is from e-source for only 2 points, it seems quite wholesome and filling. I've also cooked myself a chilli with the remaining mince (only 75g), so that is me sorted for tomorrow.

I managed to burn 196 calories on a bike ride to the newsagents today.

Have a great week - it's only a short one!

Friday, 22 May 2009

The Bank Holiday is Upon Us!

I managed to lose 3lbs at weigh in this morning, gaining me my 9th silver seven and taking beyond my mini-goal for my first year at WW!

My next mini goals are:

  1. Lose 30% of start weight (68.5 lbs loss)
  2. 10th Silver Seven / 5 Stone (70 lbs loss)
  3. Reach 11 Stone (74 lbs loss)

Generally today has been a good day - I was tempted to go over points today, as I really fancied a Coffee Light Frap from Starbucks (2pts), but then discovered that they have an Espresso Light Frap, which is only 1pt, coinincidently, the amount of points I had left for today!

I had a half day at work and went to the gym to work with my personal trainer (burnt 536 calories - 5bp). It was so difficult as I am working on my abs, which are just crap really! I'm sure i'll feel it in the morning.

Have a good weekend - hopefully we will not be faced with too many temptations ...

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Last night I burnt 576 calories at the gym - good considering I only did 25 minutes cycling, 10 minutes on the cross trainer and 10 minutes cool down fast walk/jog on the treadmill.

Today I have a very testing day food wise. I am a boredom eater and it was very slow at work - I just felt hungry all day. I have managed to stick exactly to plan. My trick is to keep a bag of fruit like cherries in my drawer, so I can have a nibble when I feel the urge. There are always biscuits in the office and I (usually) manage to resist.

I'm off to the gym tonight for Body Combat (45 minutes) and I am interested to see how many calories I burn, as I find this a higher impact than just using the gym equipment!

I've got my spag bol in the oven ready for when I get back - there's a bottle of wine in the fridge for tomorrow night, I MUST stop myself from opening it tonight.

SABOTAGE - my mum stayed over last night and she was trying to be nice to me by putting my lunch that I had preared in a bag for me ... well when I got to work to put it in the fridge, instead of my wrap, there was a massive lump of CHEESE ...

I've got my weigh-in tomorrow and I really do not know what to expect, what with the naughty weekend!


Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Today I am feeling really good. I have stuck to my meal plan 100% - got the salmon cooking in the oven now for dinner, then I'm off to the gym.

I had the most amazing graze box today with the apple struedel mix and dried raspberries, coming to only 4 points altogether.

My Polar exercise watch also arrived today, so i'm extremely excited about testing that out today to see how many bonus points I earn - I've also got 0.5 points left. I think I might just bank that :)

Anyway i'm off to eat dinner and prepare my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow - i'll let you know how I get on!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Well it's about time!

Hi Guys,

I'm new to all this blogging, but thought it was about time I started. Having done Weightwatchers for nearly a year now, I have found people's blogs so inspiring and thought I would give it a try!

Here is a picture of me before I started

A little more about me: I work as a PR in London, which is great. I love going to the gym (I go at least 4 times a week)- I'm addicted to Body Attack and Combat.

I weighed in on Friday and lost 1lb, but over the weekend, I had my friend's hen weekend, which was lovely, but difficult for me, as I was out of control (I am a compulsive food tracker!).

Anyway, since Sunday, I have been back on track, sticking to my 20 points per day (I did think I would eat 15 points each day to make up for the two days, but thought I would be punishing myself for having a good time - which is a very negative way to feel and would put pressure on me) - I hope all goes well at weigh in on Friday, all will soon be revealed!

Two pictures of me on the hen weekend: