Monday, 25 May 2009

Lovely Weekend BUT ...

I have had a really nice weekend - what was meant to be relaxing, turned into me not having a moment to stop.

The bad thing was, I went 8 points over yesterday - but a girls gotta have fun, right? I drunk too much vodka and when that happens, I stop caring. BUT I got up this morning and pointed EVERYTHING. I have decided to claw back 6 points today by eating 14 points and then the other 2 tomorrow by eating 18 points. I know that I have accumulated enough bonus points to cover this, but I try not to eat them, I would rather eat slightly less for a few days to make up.

Back to work tomorrow :( I've got some Hungarian Goulash Soup cooking at the moment for my lunch tomorrow - the recipe is from e-source for only 2 points, it seems quite wholesome and filling. I've also cooked myself a chilli with the remaining mince (only 75g), so that is me sorted for tomorrow.

I managed to burn 196 calories on a bike ride to the newsagents today.

Have a great week - it's only a short one!

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